Retubing Tubes

We double the lifespan of your RIB by extending its operability for a long period of time at a reduced cost.

We take care of the overhaul  of your RIB by replacing the old tube with a new one in any size or fabric,  we are specialized in big lengths.

The tubes are manufactured in our shipyard with the most advanced industrial technology and artisan care for detail, made in in any of the available fabrics in the market and according to customer specifications on final details, customization, reinforcements and color. The shipyard’s data base has a wide range of templates of different tube designs in the market. If we don’t have a concrete template of an existing model, the original damaged tube can be replicated, in addition, any specific design can be developed as per customer’s needs.

Design with the most advanced CAD design tools

The tubes are manufactured in our shipyard with the most advanced industrial technology and with artisan care for detail, applying CAD design and robotic cutting machines to meet any market design requirement such as longitudinal or transversal closures, reinforced or non-friction seams  and other options.

For prototypes, new designs or variations on existing models, new templates are developed using advanced 3D design tools that provide with exact calculations of volumes and shapes, as well as simulations of the final look of the final product.

PVC and PU Polyurethane materials are manufactured with Thermosealing® technology, an industrial technique to assemble the different parts of the tube by a  double fusion process and calendering at high pressures. This generates an internal/external double band joint, which provides stronger welds than the material used in them.

The HF welding process provides uniform quality, reliability on the industrialized process and high cost efficiency. The manufacture of Neoprene Hypalon, although streamlined to the maximum, it is carried out by the traditional handcrafted cold gluing process.

The tubes can be manufactured in any of the three existing fabrics in the market, PVC, PU Polyurethane and Neoprene Hypalon, depending on the customer’s choice criteria. The Retubing® technical team will objectively recommend the most suitable type of fabric for each activity, depending on quality and budget.

Our own in house team can design boats with CAD programs adapted to our customer’s needs,  CNC cutting and printing of full customized designs.

Each tube can be finished with final details and personalized reinforcements such as over-pressure valves, anti-slip reinforcements in most exposed areas, bands, handles, through-holes, rings, bow fairleads and many others that the end user can choose according to the activity and performance requirements of the boat or simply on the basis of his aesthetical criteria.

Retubing® activity is complemented by repair service, patches, cones, rails, glues, reinforcements, accessories and any other component made of PVC, NH or PU such as sliders or paddle surf boards.




Atención al cliente


Solutions for every problem

Recovery and integral service for RIBs. Replace of damaged parts or accessories, replacement of worn reinforcements, Treatment of  the tube to recover its original color if the fabric allows it.


Motorización intra-borda


Motorización múltiple


Motorización unitaria

Once the manufacture of the Retubing® tube is finished, We either send the completed tube to the closest Official Retubing Center for fitting, or the hull can be fitted out at our factory if the client is able to bring it in

If necessary, Retubing has a mobile repair service that can reach the customer’s destination when the difficulty of the Retubing® process requires it.

The tube replacement activity is complemented by a door-to-door transport service at a competitive agreed price.