It is difficult to keep the hull surface of a boat as smooth and shiny as when the boat was brand new, especially in the long winter moorings or when exposed to knocks and scratches when mooring or anchoring, the defense will bear the brunt  to keep the boat in the best condition.

Capable of absorbing twice as much impact energy as a traditional fenders, you’ll feel safer when the wind rises and the tide hits hard.

Fenders with large protective surfaces, strong, flexible, lightweight easily handled by a single person, are easy to inflate with a hand or electric pump, once deflated its volume is reduced to ¼ part of its inflated volume, an important quality for boats with limited stowage capacity.


The fender is held by a robust high resistance stainless steel ring or a mooring pipe, they have a low relief inflation / deflation valve with large diameter. They can be manufactured as standard models or custom design.

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The strongest and long lasting inflatable fenders on the market

Fenders used by Mega-Yachts for intensive use during long periods.

Manufactured with inner and outer coating PU (1.880dtex) by Thermosealing ® welding, without glues, with greater strength, water tightness, and durability, they remain stable with high and low tides and also to the marine environment exposure. With the experience of over 35 years manufacturing PU boats for military use and rescue agencies.

They provide greater strength than those similar built in CSM (Neoprene Hypalon) and PVC, they can bear an exceptional workload and effort minimizing the risk of failure. They are resistant to UV, oil, diesel and petroleum, with minimum maintenance.

Fenders used by medium size yachts manufactured in 1,670 dtex CSM (old Neoprene Hypalon) by an artisan hand gluing process. Resistant to UV, oils and petroleum, they require a preventive and periodic maintenance of their glues and exposed seams for a long time to the marine environment. The use of a protective acrylic sheath layer is recommended to delay the ageing process  and the  signals of scratches on the fabric over time.

Fenders used by all types of boats made with 1,100 dtex marine PVC and using Thermosealing® technology, resulting in welded joints  more robust than the material itself and 4 times stronger than manual gluing. They will remain stable againts the conditions of the marine environment. Its industrialized production allows a great cost efficiency with an excellent  quality / price ratio.