High visibility objects, they are excellent as advertising platform for sponsors, they can be rapidly inflated, with manual or electric pump, they can be easily handled by a single person and after they have been used they can be quickly deflated occupying approximately ¼ of their inflated volume.

They offer a long lifespan with minimum maintenance, they are manufactured in different models, sizes and colors, they can also be produced on a standard basis or according to a  customized design. Easily inflated with manual or electric pump, they offer high visibility and can be easily handled by a single person. Once used it can be rapidly deflated  occupying a small volume. Minimal maintenance. They offer a long lifespan.

1,100 dtex Marine PVC material with double inner and outer coating manufactured by welding, with low relief and large diameter inflation/deflation valve. Standard or custom-designed models are available.

You can check some manual or electric inflation pumps in our online shop.

Waiting buoys: used in sailing clubs during regattas with multiple rings for mooring the sail boats while waiting for mooring.