Give your RIB a Second life

We Overhaul, Repair, Recover, Retube your RIB


Full Inspection and preventive maintenance of tubes and accessories for fleets and private boats


We repair any kind of damage on all tubes built in of any of the available fabrics in the market, including ageing problems or accidents


We recover all kind of multi-brand RIB or inflatable craft, we also advise about maintenance and repair


We can produce and substitute all existing tube models of any brand in the market for RIB’s or inflatable crafts

Retubing® is a registered trademark of a specialized division of the Vanguard Marine group providing made-to-order manufacture of tubes and the replacement of tubes made by different manufacturers for the refurbishment of all types and lengths of professional and sports semi-rigid boats, providing a cost-effective means of doubling of their useful life and extending operation for a significant period of time.

Retubing ® is born as a complement to the demand for maintenance service and repairs required by users of large fleets of RIBs, rescue organizations, police, firefighters, armed forces and all types of commercial  users where the fleet must remain operational and functional for long periods of time.

Retubing®  consists  on changing the damaged or old tube, recovering the full performance  of the semi-rigid as brand new, avoiding  the unexpected costs and inconveniences of old tube repairs

Retubing ® has succesfuly  recovered RIBs with over 30 years old.

Ultimate technology and craftsmanship at your service